Red and yellow and pink and what?

Question for you ~ How do you describe color to a blind person? 

I’ve been pondering over this idea for the past few hours when I finally came to a conclusion. I took this picture below a few back when I was on holiday. I remembered taking the shot and thinking to myself how beautifully the outline of the palm trees contrasted with the grey clouds and the amber sky. But then, only a few hours ago, did I realize how fortunate I was to see these beautiful colors in the first place. This got me thinking: If I was to describe the colour blue to Someone blind, I’d start by making them touch something cold, and then tell them that’s how blue felt. Now even though this sensation won’t allow them to picture the color, maybe the difference in temperature from a warm colours like orange would help them differ between the color of white and red?

Food for thought: how would you describe color to a blind person?

Current craving: pomme bears (what’s new lol)



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